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EO TAIPAN MASTERCLASS – Virtual #4: Building Your People Strategy

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EO TAIPAN MASTERCLASS - Virtual #4: Building Your People Strategy

Presented by
Dr. Anna Tavis
of New York University

Zoom link will be sent to registrants one day before the meeting. Each Member/Accelerator/SLP can bring 2 staffs/guests.

EO Malaysia will host annual regional, physical-event, TAIPAN Innovation & Outthinkers Masterclass in Kuala Lumpur, from 17th to 19th March 2021. For over three days, Kaihan Krippendorff will share with us on how we can strategize, drive innovation from within and outthink the competition using his Outthinkers Playbook and Driving Innovation from Within IN-OVATE Framework, which is based on years of intensive research, built on the latest thinking and experiences of experts, employee innovators, insights from top strategists from the Outthinkers Strategy Network and more.

For the coming months leading up to the eventual TAIPAN Innovation & Outthinker Masterclass, Kaihan Krippendorff and co will share with us some snippets and insights into how we can strategize, drive innovation from within and outthink the competition in a series of virtual sessions (90 minutes). All dates are confirmed as below and all sessions will start 9.00 pm Kuala Lumpur time.

EO Malaysia invites you, our esteemed EO members, plus up to 2 of your senior leaders to join us in these virtual masterclass, complimentary.

Speaker/Facilitator’s Profile
Dr. Anna Tavis is a Senior Fellow in Human Capital at The Conference Board and an Associate Professor of Human Capital Management at New York University, senior lecturer at Latin American Business School, and the Executive Director for the Innovation Radar Network at Executive Networks.

Dr. Tavis is Senior Editor of People+Strategy Journal a publication of HRPS, SHRM’s Executive network where she edits the Perspectives section. Her latest articles HR Goes Agile ( 2018) and The Performance Management Revolution (2016) appeared in HBR and reprinted in HBR Must Reads 2018. The Definitive Management Ideas of the Year. The two volumes of edited essays Point/Countrpoint: New Perspectives on People and Strategy ( 2013 and 2017) were published by SHRM and approved for HR professional certification credit.

Prior to returning to Academia, Dr. Tavis navigated a diverse global career in business and consulting. In business, Dr. Tavis was Head of Motorola’s EMEA OD function based in the UK, Nokia’s Global Head of Talent Management based in Helsinki, Chief Learning Officer with United Technologies Corp based in Hartford, CT and Global Head of Talent and Organizational Development with AIG Investments based in NYC.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, she got her Doctorate at Princeton University and Executive MBA from the University of South Carolina. Dr. Tavis speaks English, Russian, German, Spanish and is an avid Astanga yoga practitioner.


Freedom is an Attitude


"5 years 8 months is a long time. I believe that I'm like any other person. I’m no different. We all have problems and we shouldn’t judge one another, as we have different coping mechanisms and breaking points.

I do however, believe that it's our attitude that separates us and determines how we cope. Some people give up too easily.”

Stephen is from Johannesburg, South Africa. He obtained his degree in Finance and worked in some of the large South African banks. In order to expand his career, Stephen went across to the UK and worked in London for 7 years.

While in London, Stephen met his wife, Catherine, who shared the same desire to return to South Africa; start a family and manage his family's farming business.

It was this farming business that inspired a passion for the outdoors and planted the seed in Stephen for adventure from a young age. At the age of 11 he learnt to ride a small motorcycle on the farm. The freedom he felt from riding in the eastern Free State, near Lesotho, ignited his desire to ride a motorcycle through Africa, with home being the final destination.

An unexpected turn of events interrupted his life long dream. En route home, Stephen was abducted by Al Qaeda and held hostage in Mali for almost 6 years. He is currently the longest held surviving Al Qaeda hostage in the world.

He was kidnapped from Timbuktu, along with a Dutch and Swedish national on25 November 2011. He was 36 at the time of the kidnapping.

During Stephen's abduction, he was kept far from civilisation, deep in the Sahara, away from the searching eyes of French surveillance planes and drones. He was allowed limited communication with his family in the first six months of his captivity. However, when the French Military Forces arrived in Mali, this ceased altogether. Stephen was cut off from all familiar ways of life.

Living outdoors in harsh conditions meant that he had to acquire a variety of new skills including how to protect himself from the elements as well as how to communicate across language and cultural boundaries. But most of all, he learnt how to stay alive; remain positive and be present when everything was stacked against him. Uncertain as to whether he would ever be released or die in the expanse of the Sahara, he made a decision to not let his situation get the better of him. He decided to rather hold onto hope and take control of his attitude.

Stephen was finally released in August 2017.

Stephen continues to claim back his life with a fresh and positive outlook, using the skills he acquired in the desert during his extreme experience. A part of this process is sharing his story to inspire others with hope and a way to overcome any situation that challenges or tests them.

"If I was not going to be killed, then I needed to use this time productively and come back a better person. After all, the biggest tragedy would have been to have wasted my 5 years 8 months in the desert, to come back angry having learnt nothing. I had to make the most of my time!"

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Successful COVID Strategic Pivots with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky

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Successful COVID Strategic Pivots

Presented by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky
Disaster Avoidance Expert

In this engaging, interactive, and entertaining presentation, you will dramatically improve your ability to do a successful strategic pivot to thrive in the COVID pandemic and plan for a successful post-pandemic recovery. Cutting-edge neuroscience and behavioral economics shows that in slow-moving train wrecks of a disaster such as this pandemic, we fall into a trap called the normalcy bias, trying to get back to normal too quickly and hoping and planning for best-case scenarios. Yet hope is not a strategy; we should hope for the best, but plan for the worst. That means you need to, first of all, challenge your underlying assumptions about your systems and processes for a variety of future scenarios for the course of the pandemic. As part of doing so, anticipate and get ahead of the major economic and social shifts that will accompany the post-pandemic recovery in your planning. Next, you need to gather internal information from relevant constituents about their perspectives on challenging assumptions. Then, determine your broad strategy, and how it would shift depending on the various scenarios. Finally, decide on how you will operationalize your strategy. This presentation will offer you pragmatic and immediately-applicable research-based strategies for doing a pivot to thrive in the new abnormal of the pandemic and develop a long-term strategic plan to navigate the post-pandemic recovery successfully.


- Learn about the neuroscience-based evidence for how we tend to make poor choices in the face of slow-moving major disruptions like the pandemic

- Identify where your current reaction to the pandemic might be oriented excessively toward a short-term and/or optimistic outlook

- Discover techniques to do a successful strategic pivot to thrive in the new abnormal of the pandemic

- Tailor the best practices on doing a winning COVID strategic pivot to your own situation and context

- Develop a long-term strategic plan to navigate successfully through the post-pandemic recovery


An internationally-renowned thought leader known as the Disaster Avoidance Expert, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky is on a mission to protect leaders from dangerous judgment errors known as cognitive biases by developing the most effective decision-making strategies. A best-selling author, he wrote Never Go With Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters (Career Press, 2019),The Truth Seeker’s Handbook: A Science-Based Guide (Intentional Insights, 2017),The Blindspots Between Us: How to Overcome Unconscious Cognitive Bias and Build Better Relationships (New Harbinger, 2020), andResilience: Adapt and Plan for the New Abnormal of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic(Changemakers Books, 2020). He has over 550 articles and 450 interviews inInc. Magazine,Entrepreneur,CBS News,Time,Business Insider,Government Executive,The Chronicle of Philanthropy,Fast Company,andelsewhere. His expertise comes from over 20 years ofconsulting,coaching, andspeaking and training as the CEO ofDisaster Avoidance Experts, andover 15 years in academia as a behavioral economist and cognitive neuroscientist. Contacthim at GlebDisasterAvoidanceExpertscom, Twitter@gleb_tsipursky, Instagram@dr_gleb_tsipursky,LinkedIn, and register for his freeWise Decision Maker Course.


Extinguishing Burnout by Scott Anderson


Extinguishing Burnout by Scott Anderson

As we set our sites on a successful 2021, and face the reality of continuing Covid-19 challenges, now is a good time to build personal and professional resilience and prevent burnout.

Extinguishing Burnout is a training program created by Scott Anderson and his team at Doubledare Executive Coaching & Consulting to explore the causes and costs of burnout and to learn skills proven to "extinguish" it -- for you and your team.

You will learn tools to restore peace of mind, maximize productivity and in doing so create significant and sustainable competitive advantage for your company.

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