Amazing Access to Benefits

Learning Events

As an EO member, you gain exclusive access to chapter events, including speaker sessions and off-site activities. These events, designed and led by members, offer networking opportunities, community engagement, and insights from business leaders.


Every month, Forum members take part in growth-oriented meetings which employ special protocols to support a trusting environment in which they can safely explore business and personal issues. Rather than give advice, members speak from their own experience so you can make your own decisions on how to best most forward.

Chapter and Regional Events

Continue to grow and connect with local like minded individuals at regular high-quality learning and social events throughout the year. These events are the perfect way way to help you grow as a person, business, family and community leader.

Global Events

Whether you are looking for next steps, best practices, tips or lessons learned, EO’s annual business networking events offer members the tools they need to excel in business and beyond

One of EO’s biggest events comes in the form of Universities, held twice a year in exotic locations around the world. These multi-faceted programs take members into the heart of thriving cities for a few days of intense entrepreneurial learning, owner education, business-to-business networking, and cultural engagement.

Access to Top Business Schools

Our leadership development includes executive education for top entrepreneurs, offering events and programs to enhance business expertise. By partnering with entrepreneurial organizations and top business schools, EO helps members expand their knowledge and leadership skills.


MyEO is a fundamental program that empowers members to connect with fellow EOers around the globe, either by hosting an experience or participating in one.