Communication Policy


Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Tampa Bay has adopted a variety of communication channels that support collaboration, information sharing and conversations. Collectively, these channels help create a strong platform for chapter communications.

Guidelines for engagement behavior:

•. Posts will conform to EO standards of confidentiality, courtesy, trust and respect, and fair dealing
• No political opinions or discussions
• No solicitations
• No behavior or speech that is discriminatory or harassing

Please note that all EO engagements fall under the Global Code of Conduct guidelines. Behavior outside these guidelines will be escalated according to the Code of Conduct.

Mindset and Best Practices for EO Digital Citizenship

Treat shared social spaces like a giant Thanksgiving dinner – be civil, no politics or religion, be helpful and pass the peas, and try to have fun!
Be a positive part of the community.
Remember that responses help everyone, not simply the person asking the question.
Advice is OK in this space, and please make sure it is requested, and that you share the context for how you learned what informs your advice.
If you see a personal conflict start to develop between you and a fellow member, take the conversation offline and work toward an understanding.
Ask questions in a spirit of curiosity and with a Forum mindset.
Any and all posts are subject to deletion at any time by chapter leadership without warning.

When in doubt, we will err on the side of civility and professionalism. Our communication channels are not a platform for debate but for connection, mutual support and information-sharing.